• November 24, 2020

Helpful SEO Automations to Drive E-Commerce Optimizations at Scale

Helpful SEO Automations to Drive E-Commerce Optimizations at Scale

Learn technical SEO strategies for scaling your efforts, growing your enterprise ecommerce business, and better serving customers.

The Perfect Ecommerce Category SEO Framework

Ecommerce is growing every year, which means it is never too late to optimize your site. In this informational video, John Lincoln describes the perfect framework you can incorporate into your digital marketing strategy to dynamically boost your ecommerce category page.

You will learn:
1. Which elements of your ecommerce page pop up in search results
2. Best SEO practices to optimize individual products and pages
3. How to ensure search engines know which page you want to rank

You won’t want to miss this video. With the right steps and search engine optimization strategies, any ecommerce site can rank at the top of search results.

Try some of these tips to optimize your e-commerce category page and tell us about your results in the comments below!

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SEO for Shopify and WooCommerce with Neil Patel #Shorts #SEO #ContentMarketing #eCommerce

Shopify and WooCommerce were built to be SEO friendly and a “less is more” approach may work best for your rankings. Neil Patel gives his advice on managing SEO for e-commerce websites built on the WordPress (WooCommerce) and Shopify platforms.

Watch the full video interview with @neilpatel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VImoJ7WTNB0

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Make Money From E-commerce Explain by Hisham Sarwar | Being Passive

#beingpassive #passiveincomeideas
In this video, we’ll be discussing how to make money from e-commerce.

E-commerce is a growing industry, and it offers endless opportunities for entrepreneurs to earn money online. In this video, we’ll cover the most effective ways to start and grow an e-commerce business, including:

Choosing a profitable niche: We’ll discuss how to identify a profitable niche and select products that are in high demand.

Setting up an online store: We’ll cover the basics of setting up an online store, including choosing a platform, designing your website, and integrating payment gateways.

Finding reliable suppliers: We’ll explore different ways to find and vet reliable suppliers for your products, including using online directories, attending trade shows, and building relationships with manufacturers.

Marketing your online store: We’ll discuss various strategies to drive traffic to your website, including search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, and social media marketing.

Scaling your e-commerce business: We’ll share tips on how to scale your business, including expanding your product line, optimizing your operations, and leveraging automation.

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or just getting started with e-commerce, this video is for you. We’ll provide practical advice and actionable tips to help you succeed in the world of e-commerce. Watch now and start your journey towards financial freedom and independence!

Ecommerce SEO – Get Traffic to Your Online Store [Top 4 Factors]

This video will show you how to use Ecommerce SEO to get more traffic (and customers) to your online store.


By focusing on the top 4 most critical ranking factors that go into ranking ecommerce websites. Of course, I cover all 4 of these factors in the video.

But I’ll also list them here as a reference.

First up, we have your site’s overall link authority. This is determined by the quality and quantity of the backlinks pointing to your site. The thing is, most ecommerce sites think that they can rank with product and category pages alone. But you can’t. Like any website, backlinks are important for ecommerce sites. I show you how to build links to your ecommerce site in the beginning of the video.

Next up, we have product page optimization. Most of your organic search engine traffic will likely go to your product pages. And I show you the 4 steps that I use to optimize product pages quickly.

Once your most important pages are optimized, it’s time to dig into your site architecture. This is something that’s more technical SEO focused, but it can make or break your ecommerce SEO efforts (that’s because your site likely has hundreds or even thousands of pages). The organization of these (also known as your website architecture) is key.

Lastly, it’s time to optimize your URLs. I reveal some data about which URLs tend to rank best in Google.

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