• March 1, 2022

How to Create Linkable Content

How to Create Linkable Content

Not getting the results you want from your link building campaign? Learn how to create content that will help you earn links.

How Marketers Can Create Linkable Content To Drive More Site Traffic

If you’re wondering how to get more site traffic, you need to create linkable content. The purpose of linkable content is to connect sites and expand your audience.

How to Create a TON of Quality Content

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Content marketing plays a critical role in our agency’s success.

1. Content creates “linkable assets” on our websites, allowing us to attract more inbound links naturally
2. Content builds out depth and topical relevance on your website
3. Content gives us shareable assets to push on social media and partnerships
4. Content gives us the opportunity to rank for “top” funnel keywords
5. Content gives us agency / consultant folk an ongoing service to sell each month to extend relationships

Our content marketing module deep dives into the process of content marketing and how you can create the highest quality content at massive scale across client campaigns.

Full module: http://bit.ly/2OvOMnK

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How To Create Linkable Assets In 6 Easy Steps ��

Attract backlinks like crazy! Learn how to create link-worthy content and find out the 6 types of linkable assets that I use all the time…

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In this video, you’ll find…

00:00 Introduction

**Types of Linkable Assets**
00:20 Research Studies
00:44 Free Tools
00:53 Videos
01:04 Roundups
01:20 Definitive Guide
01:32 Create Terms

**How To Create Linkable Content Assets**
01:59 Step #1 – Know Your Audience
02:18 Step #2 – Reverse Engineer Your Competition
02:27 Step #3 – Start To Collect Data
02:36 Step #4 – Make It Look Beautiful
02:42 Step #5 – Share It
02:51 Step #6 – Rinse And Repeat


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Link Building for Beginners: Complete Guide to Get Backlinks

If you’re new to SEO and link building, this complete beginner’s tutorial will teach you the principles and strategies to get powerful and high-quality backlinks in 2020.

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Link building is arguably the most challenging part of SEO. It’s a part that requires technical prowess, a creative approach, and just straight up grit and grind.

So what is link building?

Here’s the standard definition. Link building is the process of getting other websites to link to a page on your website. And these hyperlinks are called backlinks.

However, most people can’t seem to get the link building process right. This ultimately boils down to execution.

The reason why execution is tough is because people focus too much on the end result, i.e. getting backlinks to their pages. The process is actually very relational. And relationships are built by humans, not “borrowed” templates from videos and blog posts.

So, here’s a better definition: link building is the process of building relationships with other relevant site owners who want and will link to your content because it enhances theirs.

It includes relationships, relevance, and a value exchange.

Since link building is tough, you need to understand why it’s worth the effort. In short, backlinks are used by search engines like Google to help rank web pages. And the reason for this is something called PageRank.

Why does PageRank matter and how does PageRank work? You’ll learn all about it in the video.

Once you’ve understood how PageRank works, you’ll want to know how to get backlinks to your site.

There are 3 ways to get them.
► Create backlinks
► Buy backlinks
► Earn backlinks

Out of the three, only one of them is truly valuable. In the tutorial, you’ll learn which one that is.

However, not all backlinks are good. Only some are really valuable.

To understand what makes a link good, there are two main categories you should look at.
► Relevance
► Authoritativeness

In the video, you’ll learn what these two concepts mean and how you can evaluate links for these two qualities.

Once you’ve understood everything before this, you’ll want to know what link building strategies you can use.

And in the video, we’ll share the link building strategies that actually work.


0:41 – What is link building
1:22 – Main ideas behind link building
1:55 – What is PageRank
3:34 – How do you get backlinks
4:59 – How to define good backlinks
6:48 – What are Ahrefs Domain and URL ratings
7:23 – Hyperlink structure and attributes
10:54 – Definition of a ‘linkable content’
12:52 – Importance of a ‘pitch’ for the outreach
15:38 – Guest blogging
16:31 – Resource page link building
17:38 – Broken link building
18:35 – Link building with HARO

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