• July 15, 2022

Why Nostalgia Marketing Works

#SEJThinkTank Recap: Why Nostalgia Marketing Works

Visit our #SEJThinkTank archive to listen to other SEJ Marketing ThinkTank webinars. On June 3rd, 2015, the SEJ Marketing ThinkTank webinar series

Silver Lining for Learning – Episode 132 | Civics of Technology with Dan Krutka & Marie Heath

Silver Lining for Learning – Episode 132 | Civics of Technology with Dan Krutka & Marie Heath.

Silver Lining for Learning is an ongoing conversation on the future of learning with educators and education leaders from across the globe. Hosted by Chris Dede, Curt Bonk, Punya Mishra & Yong Zhao, these conversations began under the “dark cloud” of the COVID19 crisis and continue today. We see these conversations as space to discuss the creation of equitable, humanistic and sustainable learning ecosystems that meet the needs of all learners. These conversations are hosted live on YouTube every Saturday (typically 5:30 PM Eastern US time) and are archived on https://silverliningforlearning.org

Digital Presence Stats Don’t Lie: The Recap with CEO Jake Dunlap #69

This Recap – might be the most important 7 mins in your day…

We switched up the opening and want to know what you think! Drop some comments, we’re curious.

Shakira makes a guest appearance at the the 4 minute mark and she might duet with Jake at some point. ��‍♂️ ��

We get into some real data…Engagement over social selling. We trust individuals over brands. So how are you going to empower your team vs forcing to comply with some old regulations? Tip: aggregation AND creation.

This week in Awesome: Just wrapped a great talk in Sunnyvale and a great dinner in New York. We’ll be dropping a teaser from NY later today.

In the news: LinkedIn is up to 645m registered members. 20% you growth. Also LinkedIn message response rates are 300% higher than email

Ask Jake Anything: “I’m doing great on LinkedIn posting, but team thinks it’s silly.” What should he do?

Get it Dun: Take the LinkedIn 30 day challenge and share it with your friends.

Weekly Recap #69…..WE OUT!!

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Innovation 101: COMPETING AGAINST LUCK by Clayton Christensen | Animated Core Message

1-Page PDF Summary: https://lozeron-academy-llc.ck.page/ac813400b5
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Animated core message from Clayton Christensen’s book ‘Competing Against Luck’.

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Summary – Are we ready? How supply chains are preparing for the zero-deforestation regulation

On February 9, Competere hosted a roundtable to provide insight into the challenges and impacts of the EU zero-deforestation regulation on producing countries.

Full recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPNAOxBMfY4

For more information: https://www.competere.eu/e-we-ready-how-supply-chains-are-preparing-for-the-zero-deforestation-regulation/